This is the third post in a three-part series highlighting the speakers of PyCodeConf and some of their open source projects.

  • Daniel Greenfeld

    : is a co-creator of Django Packages and works to improve usability. His projects: Django Uni-form, an application to render forms in a div format and Django Party Pack, a sample project with great practices and tools for beginners. His talk: The Future of Collaboration in the Python community and beyond

  • Avery Pennarun

    : is a co-founder of four startups and creator of several open source projects. His projects: sshuttle, a transparent proxy server and Redo, a top-down software build system. His talk: Python is Only Slow If You Use it Wrong

  • Dustin Sallings

    : is the co-founder of Couchbase, Inc. His projects: Py-GitHub, a Python interface for the GitHub API and TwitterSpy, a supplemental bot for twitter. His talk: Breakdancer

  • Tracy Osborn

    : is a designer who learned Django to launch her first startup, WeddingLovely Her talk: The Many Hats of Building and Launching a Web Startup

  • Raymond Hettinger

    : is the Director of Technology and Controller for Sauce Labs. His projects: Contributing to Python and lots of Documentation. His talk: What makes Python AWESOME?

So what are you waiting for? Go fork their projects, register and join us in Miami!