This is the second post in a three-part series highlighting the speakers of PyCodeConf and some of their open source projects.

  • Armin Ronacher

    : is a founding member of Pocoo team. His projects: Flask, a microframework for small scale aplications and Werkzeug, a toolkit for WSGI applications. His talk: Cherry-picking for Huge Success

  • Leah Culver

    : is a co-founder of Convore and co-author of OAuth. Her projects: Django-Elsewhere, adds links to social networks and Python-OAuth library. Her talk: Backbone.js and Django to Create a Faster Web UI

  • David Beazley

    : is the author of the Python Essential Reference. His projects: PLY, a Python Lex-Yacc parsing tool. His talk: Embracing the GIL

  • Craig Kerstiens

    : is the founder of Registry Stop. His project: Python Google Analytics, Python client for Google Analytics. His talk: The State of Packaging and Dependency Management

  • Kenneth Reitz

    : is an open source architect. His projects: Requests, a simple HTTP library for Python, and Clint, a module of command line application tools. His talk: API Design and Pragmatic Python

So what are you waiting for? Go fork their projects, register and join us in Miami!