PyCodeConf is right around the corner and our office is buzzing. While warm weather, sandy beaches and tropical drinks with umbrellas are part of the reason, the real excitement stems from the amazing lineup of speakers and the opportunity to spend two days discussing and thinking about the future of Python. This is the first post in a three-part series highlighting the speakers and some of their open source projects.

  • Alex Gaynor

    : is a core developer for Django, PyPy, and CPython. His projects: Django-Taggit, a simple way to add tags to your Django project and Python-Decompiler, a decompiler for CPython bytecode. His talk: PyPy is Your Past, Present and Future

  • Gary Bernhardt

    : is a Python and Ruby developer who’s not afraid of a good debate. His projects: Expecter Gadget, helps you write better expections and Dingus, a testing library for Python. His talk: The Prejudgement of Programming Languages

  • Audrey Roy

    : is a co-creator and core developer of Django Packages and Packaginator. Her projects: Django Startcbv, a management command to start an app with class-based views and she’s also an organizer for the LA chapter of PyLadies. Her talk: Amazing Things In Open Source

  • Travis Oliphant

    : has worked extensively with Python for numerical and scientific programming. His projects: NumPy, a package for scientific computing and he’s also a principal author of SciPy. His talk: Future of Python and NumPy for array-oriented computing

  • Jesse Noller

    : is a Python programmer and board member of the Python Software Foundation. His projects: The Architecture of Conferences, an open source book on what it takes to organize a conference. His talk: The Future is Bright”

So what are you waiting for? Go fork their projects, register and join us in Miami!