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Welcome to the The GitHub Reflog — the chronicle of remarkable GitHub repos and community activity. For previous editions, check out The Reflog Archive.

This week, we’re extending a warm welcome to The League of Moveable Type‘s excellent open source fonts to GitHub!

:sparkles: ryanmcgrath/wii-js :sparkles:

Nintendo’s ever-popular Wii console has a web browser, but little development is done with it. This JavaScript project offers a stable, robust, and documented API for wii/html interaction.

While not entirely practical for actual application development, this project aims to be a great avenue for teaching kids about programming.

Wii-js supports up to four wiimotes interacting with a page at a time. Check out the demo page (on your wii) to see it in action.

Awesome Repo of the Week


This is nothing short of awesome. A git implementation written in pure JavaScript. Similar to the Dulwich project, for Python.

Git.js is MIT licensed. It features both a command-line git client for node.js and an in-browser repo API for accessing repos available via HTTP.

Remarkable Repos

  • j2labs/brubeck: A flexible web framework for Python, powered by Mongrel2, Eventlet, ZeroMQ, and DictShield. To get a feel for the framework, check out the example project.
  • arthuredelstein/clooj: a lightweight IDE for Clojure, written in Clojure. Powered by Swing, Clooj is cross platform and can be used as both a standalone application or embedded editor.
  • jceb/vim-orgmode:
    This awesome plugin brings emacs’ org-mode note-taking system to the vim community. Access your notes on your iPhone with mobileorg over WebDAV or Dropbox.
  • Khan/khan-mobile:
    The source code of the Khan Academy’s new mobile app.

Promising Repos

  • urbancoding/jenx:
    A Jenkins build server monitor for Mac OS X, powered by MacRuby. This app sits in your status bar and reports the status of all your Jenkins builds. Click on a job, and it opens it up in your browser. It even supports Growl!
  • jesusabdullah/pyee:
    A port of node.js’ popular EventEmitter system to Python. Simple and strait forward.
  • memo/iSteveJobs: This useless (but fun) project replaces all the faces detected in a webcam feed with Steve Jobs. It is powered by the openFrameworks C++ Framework.
  • kennethkufluk/Twitter-Matrix: This HTML5 project takes a Twitter list’s public feed, and displays it. Matrix-style. Check out the demo page to see it in action.

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