We’ve just opened up access to a feature we’ve been brewing for some time now… transferring repositories between accounts! While we’ve actually had this capability for a few months now, y’all had to contact support to request a repository move. Now you can do this yourself:

There are a few caveats of course, there always are…

  • The target account must not have a repository with the same name, or a fork in the same network.
  • If the repository is private the target account must have a paid account with at least one unused private repository available.
  • Private forks cannot be transferred, only root private repositories.

We can’t set up redirects, so every clone of the repository will need to have it’s remote updated. Thankfully all you need to run is git remote set-url remote_name new_url to update your local repository.


After much consideration and user feedback, we’ve decided to restrict this option a bit. You can now only transfer a repository into an organization account for which you have admin rights.