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GitHub Reflog v1.5.16

Welcome to the The GitHub Reflog — the weekly chronicle of remarkable GitHub repos and community activity. For previous editions, check out The Reflog Archive. Thanks to the awesome work…


Welcome to the The GitHub Reflog — the weekly chronicle of remarkable
GitHub repos and community activity. For previous editions, check out
The Reflog Archive.

Thanks to the awesome work of Alexander Marshalov, the Reflog archive is now
being translated into Russian!


Spritemapper is a command-line application that generates CSS sprites
from your existing CSS files. It utilizes advanced techniques, like
simulated annealing, to merge the referenced PNG images into a sprite map and
generate a new CSS file utilizing the new PNG file.

It also contains its own PNG and CSS parser. All you need is
a Python interpreter. If you’ve ever had to debug a PIL installation, you
know how important this is.

Awesome Repo of the Week


This project is nothing short of amazing.

BEATS is a command-line audio sequencer, written in Ruby.

Songs are programmed in YAML. The input files define instruments (samples), bar
sequences, and the full song structure. The whole song can then be exported to
LPCM WAV file for later enjoyment / mixing.

Remarkable Repos

  • tweetdeck/TDOAuth:
    A small and elegant OAuth v1.0 implementation for iOS applications.
    Written by Max Howell, of homebrew
    fame, this BSD-licensed implementation strives to be a major
    improvement over the other OAuth solutions available to Objective-C
  • sporst/SWFREtools:
    A toolset for reverse engineering and performing security audits
    on Adobe Flash Player and compiled SWF files. It features an SFW
    Parser, SWF Minimizer, Flash Debugger, and Metrics Generator. This GPLv2
    licensed project is powered by both Java and Python.
  • microsoft-dpe/watoolkitios-lib:
    This set of libraries, written by Microsoft, allows Objective-C developers to
    utilize the Azure Cloud Storage platform from an iOS application. Check out
    the example application repo
    to see it in action.
  • enonic/cms-ce:
    New community edition of the Enonic CMS, based on Java’s Spring
    Framework and JEE. Unlike the commercial version, the AGPLv3 licensed
    Community Edition lacks a plugin engine and LDAP/AD support.
  • wbsun/kgpu:
    This extremely ambitious project allows the Linux kernel to offload
    data-parallel computations to a CUDA-enabled GPU. It aims to “make
    the Linux kernel truly parallelized: not only processing
    multiple requests concurrently, but can also partition a single large
    requested computation into tiles and do them on GPU cores.”
  • jiminoc/goose:
    Instapaper-like HTML content and article extractor, from Gravity Labs.
    Written in Java, this Apache v2 licensed project will take any url you
    throw at it, and return the content.

Promising Repos

  • bobthecow/coda-cli:
    Command-line tool for launching Panic’s Coda editor (similar to
    TextMate’s mate command), making it a full *nix citizen. Check out the
    project page to see usage examples.
  • skammer/vim-css-color:
    This epic plugin bring color to your Vim installation’s CSS colors. It currently
    supports RGB, RGBA, and HTML Color Names. (Note: 256-color terminal required).
  • leftnode/get-shit-done:
    A small script for toggling the blocking of a list of configured domains
    on your system, so you can Get Shit Done™.
  • bradfitz/campher:
    You can now run Perl on top of the Go stack. Seriously. This esoteric
    project has quite a bit of ambition and an awesome sense of humor.
  • wavded/humane-js:
    An unobtrusive browser notification system, aimed to be as simple as
    possible. This fully themeable system is compatibly with all
    JS frameworks and browsers. Check out the
    demo page to see it in
  • brixen/poetics:
    A native CoffeeScript interpreter, running directly on the Rubinius VM.
    Need I say more?

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