This week marks the initial alpha release of the GitHub Mylyn connector for Eclipse. If you are unfamiliar with the Mylyn project, it is a set of plug-ins that adds support for working with issue trackers, build tools, and code review tools from within the Eclipse IDE.

The GitHub Mylyn connector was built around the new features of Issues 2.0 such as milestones, assignee, mentions, and filtering and also uses the new Issues and Gist API. This initial release supports creating, updating, commenting on, searching, and monitoring issues from within Eclipse. Gists are also supported, you can now highlight text in the editor or select a file from the explorer and run Create Gist from the context menu. A Gist will be created in the background and a notification popup will display after it has been created with a link to the newly created Gist.

You can also browse and search for Gists from within Eclipse, open a Gist’s files in the Eclipse editor, and add or update the contents of a Gist. If you want to work with a Gist as a Git repository just click the Clone button from the toolbar and the Gist will be cloned locally and imported as an Eclipse project.

The connector is available from the Eclipse Marketplace. Many thanks to @caniszczyk and @smilebase for their past and ongoing contributions. This project is open-source, part of EGit, and welcomes any contributions. If you want to get started using the connector please check out the user guide to learn more. The goal is to release the 1.0 version as part of the Eclipse Indigo release next month.