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GitHub Reflog v1.4.20

Welcome to the The GitHub Reflog — the weekly chronicle of remarkable GitHub repos and community activity. For previous editions, check out The Reflog Archive. This week, we welcome Python's…


Welcome to the The GitHub Reflog — the weekly chronicle of remarkable
GitHub repos and community activity. For previous editions, check out
The Reflog Archive.

This week, we welcome Python’s simplejson module
and The Joy of Clojure code examples to GitHub!


Spine is a micro MVC framework for building JavaScript applications. While similar in
concept to Backbone.js, Spine contains some
key differences. It offers class inheritance, controllers, a model system with a full ORM,
and HTML5 local storage support.

Spine comes with demo todo system and
contact manager applications to give you a feel
of its capabilities. It currently powers the JavaScript for the open source campfire-esque
Holla project.

Check out the elegant documentation to learn more.

Awesome Repo of the Week


Flea is a mini Lisp interpreter written in Ruby, inspired by portions of Scheme.
Obviously, this isn’t designed to be used in production for any reason. The purpose
of the project is to simply showcase the versatility of dynamic languages like Ruby.

Run $ gem install flea to give it a spin.

Remarkable Repos

  • anchepiece/statuspanic:
    Clone of Panic’s infamous
    Status Board,
    powered by PHP. It features bar charts, weather widgets, and a countdown timer. Head over to the
    example installation to see it in action.
  • hanwen/go-fuse:
    Native FUSE bindings for the Go programming language. Go-fuse strives to be as fast as possible.
    Support for individual filesystems isn’t included (at this time), but example implementations
    of zipfs and unionfs are.
  • gmarik/vundle:
    True plugin manager for VIM. Inspired by the ever popular
    pathogen for VIM and
    bundler for Ruby, Vundle gives you the
    ability to search, install, update, and configure your scripts, all from
    interactive mode.

Promising Repos

  • boxedice/python-daemon:
    Simple Python daemonizer class. This project allows your Python application to continue
    running in the background as a daemon. Features include scheduling, a standard PID file interface,
    and support for Unix, Linux and OS X.
  • 88mph/wpadmin:
    Command line tool for WordPress administration, written in PHP.
    Currently, it can manage user accounts and configuration values. In the
    near future, you’ll also be able to publish posts and pages right from
    your terminal. There’s a small todo list, so pull requests are welcome!
  • disqus/mule:
    Distributed test runner framework for Python, powered by Celery.
    Beware, it’s undergoing heavy development and is far from stable. When it’s ready,
    it will include out of the box support for xunit, multiprocessing, and unittest2.
  • seppo0010/redislite:
    SQLite-style local database for Redis instead of SQL.
    This BSD licensed project is is still in its early stages, but will be extremely useful
    once it is complete. Definitely keep your eye on it.
  • dbyrne/4clojure:
    Interactive tutorial website for beginners learning Clojure (similar to
    Try Redis). There’s a bit of work to be done still, so check
    out the issues page for ways to help.

Feedback is appreciated! Send any questions, suggestions, and anonymous tips to

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