Vicent Marti is a GitHubber

Image of Scott Chacon

Several months ago we blogged about how Vicent was helping us develop libgit2, a linkable Git library. Well, we’re proud to announce that Vicent is now a GitHubber!

Vicent was the student in the Google Summer of Code project that I mentored and did an amazing job with the project. GitHub hired him as a contractor to keep working on the project and now he’s accepted a full time job working at GitHub. Vicent will continue kicking ass on the libgit2 project making sure that it’s “fucking fast”, as well as other hard core C related stuff.

This may mark the first time that a Google Summer of Code project has fairly directly led to a student dropping out of school, but we’re pretty proud of the precedent. It was just a masters degree, after all.

Check out Vicent on GitHub and on Twitter.