It’s that time again. Google’s Summer of Code project is open for student applications. If you’re not familiar with it, GSoC is where Google will pay students to work on open source projects over the three summer months. If you are currently enrolled in a college or university and want to get some cheddar for OS contributions, find a project and prepare an application today.

We’re particularly interested in finding a super-amazing developer to help us on libgit2 – the two project ideas I find most interesting is “Adding functionality to libgit2 library” and “Writing a minimal Git client on top of libgit2”. If you want to work on that, go register and write your proposal.

You may be lucky enough to get our own superstars Jeff King and/or Vicent Marti as your mentor. Vicent was a GSoC student last year and got his current gig at GitHub based on that work.