We have a :new: and very 😎 :gift: for all of you. :ok: so we were drinking :beer: from our new Kegerator (:sparkles::heart::sparkles:). Holman was excited to use his new big padder :ski: and might have been a little :mega: about it, and admittedly Tomayko was outside :smoking: – but I still don’t think we were being too loud. But I guess the :cop: disagreed, showed up to :warning: and eventually threw down the :hammer:. We all had to :runner: to the :bus:, :bike:, :taxi:, :train: to get home for some :zzz: (naturally, Scott used the company :airplane:). Unfortunately we forgot to :key: the door, and a :bear: broke into the office, lured by the smell of :fish: and :cake:. That wouldn’t have been too bad, except he stepped on a power cord, which kind of acted like a :bomb: – it sent a :zap: to all our :computer: and started a :fire:. Long story short, the bear is now :wheelchair: and we’re going to have to fill out much :pencil: and spend a lot of :moneybag: to fix this.

Where was I going with this? Can’t say I remember.