Today Apple released Xcode 4. We’re pretty excited over here because Xcode 4 is the first Xcode release to support git natively. What’s even more, new projects default to git repos!

As you work on your project, you can see the git status of the files showing A and M in the sidebar:

Of course if you want to share your project with others, GitHub is an awesome place to do that now that you’ll be working with git.

Objective-C projects have slowly been growing popularity here on GitHub, and it’s now on the cusp of being one of our Top 10 languages.

If you’re looking for some great Objective-C projects, take a look at some of my favorites:

  • JSONKit – A brand new (and insanely fast) JSON Library
  • Mogenerator – Generate classes from core data models
  • UIDickbar – In case you’d like to improve the experience of your iOS apps.
  • MyStyledView – A great base for styling views in AppKit.
  • JAListView – A UITable-inspired NSTableView replacement for AppKit.

Hopefully with the release of Xcode 4 we’ll see an explosion of Cocoa on GitHub (hey, I can dream).