New and Improved Service Hook Payloads

Image of Aman Gupta

The service hook payloads now have the following new fields:

  • distinct=true for commits that are new to the repository
  • created=true for new branches
  • deleted=true for branch deletions
  • base=NAME for the base ref associated with a new branch

The campfire service hook now uses these new fields to improve messages sent to campfire:


Before, merges would replay existing commits that were merged into the branch:


Now, these distinct=false commits are ignored so only new commits show up:


This means that clean fast-forward merges no longer produce any campfire activity.

Forced Pushes


New Branches

New branches created via git push origin base:new show the name of the base branch:


Branches created locally with commits show what’s new:


Deleted Branches


Note: Service hooks were not previously fired on branch deletions. CI and other endpoints that do not care about branch deletions can ignore deleted=true payloads.