Over the weekend we rolled out a few changes to email notifications to better
take advantage of your mail reader’s ability to group messages into
conversations and threads:

Here’s what’s changed:

  • Messages appear from the user that performed the action instead of from
    “GitHub” making it easier to scan and filter for messages from a specific
  • Subjects are now topic-focused: “Re: I found a bug in your project” instead
    of “jdoe commented on an issue”. This causes Gmail to group messages properly
    and makes finding a discussion by topic a whole lot easier.
  • The Message-Id, References, and In-Reply-To headers are set for mail
    readers that group messages based on those attributes (pretty much everything
    except Gmail). GitHub notifications should take up much less real estate in
    your Inbox, and conversations can now be labeled, archived, and muted
    as a group.

These features should work similarly across a wide range of mail readers. If you
notice a problem with yours, please leave a note here or open a ticket at

Reminder: you can customize email notification preferences for your account
under the Notification Center.