Aman Gupta (tmm1) is a GitHubber

Image of Tom Preston-Werner

Today marks Aman Gupta’s first day as a GitHubber. Years ago, Aman embarked upon a crusade to make Ruby faster, leaner, more concurrent, and more debuggable. Today he brings that expertise to GitHub.

We’ve already been using Aman’s code for years. His work on EventMachine has allowed us to write a routing proxy in Ruby that shuttles gigabytes of data between the frontends and file servers with ease and simplicity. Tools like memprof, gdb.rb, perftools.rb, and rbtrace have finally given Ruby developers fine grained insight into the memory and performance of their Ruby projects. Whether he’s disassing MRI or writing killer Rails code, you can count on Aman to take things to the next level.

We’re insanely excited that Aman has joined the team, and you can be sure to see his mark on GitHub very soon.

(And don’t forget to follow Aman on Twitter and GitHub for additional awesome.)