Jeff King (Peff) is a GitHubber

Image of Tom Preston-Werner

We’re very excited to announce that core Git member Jeff King will also be joining the team today! But don’t call him Jeff, he prefers Peff. Peff is one of the most active contributors to Git and will be using his expertise and hardcore C skills to make Git even better and more usable.

I could expound upon everything that Peff’s done for the Git project, but instead let me just show you this list of the top ten commiters to Git:

$ git log --pretty=format:%aN | sort | uniq -c | sort -rn
8740 Junio C Hamano
1384 Shawn O. Pearce
1096 Linus Torvalds
 719 Johannes Schindelin
 499 Jeff King
 465 Eric Wong
 434 Jakub Narebski
 394 Jonathan Nieder
 344 Nicolas Pitre
 322 Paul Mackerras

Welcome to the team, Peff!