Update: Uploads have been deprecated

Not too long ago we rolled out the one true downloads button, but unfortunately the Downloads page was still left unattended. Well, today we’re rolling out a totally new downloads page – including a completely rewritten uploader.

You can check out the new downloads screen on pages like brotherbard’s gitx fork.

The new uploader

Most importantly, we’ve completely rewritten the file uploader. So when you go to a repository that you have pushable access to, you’ll see a new interface.

There were a few significant updates:

  • The uploader actually works (yay!)
  • Upload multiple files at a time (you can select multiple files in the file dialog or click choose file multiple times)
  • Better error handling (no more ambiguous alerts)

What should you use the downloads section for?

The downloads section is a great place to put things that are related to your project, but not necessarily the code. Some examples:

  • PDF documents explaining the technology
  • Binary distributions of software
  • Minified versions of javascript files
  • PSD Mockups
  • SQL or data dumps

And don’t forget that you can automatically generate zip and tar.gz packages of your codebase by using git tag and they’ll show up on the downloads page.