Update: Done! If you notice any issues, file a support issue with the user/repo path. No data on our end was deleted, so we can restore any lost data.

Update: Still going! We’ve slowed down the progress of upgrades to minimize impact to the site.

On Sunday, September 12th, we’re going to be upgrading all remaining classic wikis to the new Git-backed wiki system. Here’s how I plan to do it:

  • If the classic wiki is empty, enable the Git-backed wiki.
  • If no Git-backed wiki exists, transfer the classic wiki to Git, and then disable the classic wiki.
  • If the Git-backed wiki already exists, assume the transfer has completed, and disable the classic wiki.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We won’t be deleting any data. If you have problems, file a support issue. We can make temporary exceptions for repos that need to keep the classic wiki until some bug is fixed.
  • If you upgraded a wiki but never disabled the classic wiki, you can ask us to wipe the Git repo so we can redo it.
  • There are still a few minor bugs in the system that I hope to have fixed by Sunday.

Thanks for being patient during the month long beta period. We got a lot of great feedback, fixed some nasty bugs, and are seeing a lot of activity on the open source front.