One week from today (August 10th) we’re launching our job board: GitHub Jobs. Simple and focused, GitHub Jobs is a great way for the best developers to find the best jobs.

Want to post a job? All listings posted in the next seven days will receive a 50% discount: $150 for a 30 day listing (listings are normally $300).

Don’t delay: post a job listing!

GitHub Jobs

Find Great Developers

When you post a job on GitHub Jobs, you’re sending a message: you want developers who care about their craft.

Starting next Tuesday, everyone will be able to search and browse jobs. Any developer on GitHub who has checked “Available for Hire” in their account settings will also be shown targeted job listings on their dashboard, based on their location and favorite programming languages.

Of course, these listings can be hidden permanently if you don’t find them useful. But we think you will.

As GitHub Jobs grows we plan to add more ways for you to reach developers and more ways for developers to find the job they want. But for now we’re starting with the basics: quality listings by quality companies.

Don’t miss your chance to get 50% off and pay only $150 for a 30 day listingpost a job today!

Post a job now!