Today, we’re announcing write support for our previously released Subversion support


Developers and designers in your company can now use existing SVN tools like Versions or Tortoise SVN to collaborate on Git projects.

To try it out, just use your GitHub credentials on a Subversion URL:[user]/[repository]

Update: Subversion support has been upgraded. Projects should be checked out from rather than

svn checkout

Some caveats

  • Because of the way SVN expects on-server merges, you may see some strange looking merge history when working with someone using Subversion.
  • Annotations and some types of diffs still won’t work properly yet – we’re working on it.
  • You cannot checkout parts of a repo (such as subdirectories) or branches other than the default branch on GitHub (yet).
  • You currently have to have a ‘master’ branch

Finally, this is currently considered beta functionality – you are taking a certain risk allowing Subversion to modify bits in your code. Test it out and see if it works for you.