Rick Olson is a GitHubber

Image of Chris Wanstrath

Today marks Rick “technoweenie” Olson’s first day as a GitHubber. He’ll be making GitHub more awesome just by being here, but we hope he’ll also add new features, improve existing features, and whip the codebase into shape.

A former member of the Rails Core team, Rick is a master open source craftsman with nearly 100 public projects on his GitHub profile. Old school Rails developers will recall his classic acts_as_paranoid, acts_as_versioned, acts_as_authenticated, or exception_logger plugins, while new school developers will surely recognize restful_authentication and attachment_fu, two of the most watched projects on GitHub

But he’s more than just a Ruby on Railer. Rick writes jQuery plugins, node.js libraries and servers, Rack middleware, GitHub hacks, as well as some crazy experiments.

He co-created Calendar About Nothing, islostonyet, Warehouse (one of the inspirations for GitHub), and Lighthouse before he was the lead developer on Tender, the software that powers GitHub’s Support site.

If that’s not enough, you can read his blog, his twitter, his tumblr, his code, or catch him on XBox LIVE as technoweenie.

Welcome to the team, Rick!