Ever wanted to use SVN to grab code from GitHub? Well, now you can, and just
like that GitHub is the world’s biggest Subversion host. Here’s a few things
you might like to do with it:

  • Use any GitHub repository as an SVN external.
  • Use TortoiseSVN or your favorite SVN tool to view Git repositories.
  • Use existing build tools or continuous integrations systems that only work
    with SVN.

How’s it work? Just checkout your project from svn.github.com:

svn checkout http://svn.github.com/schacon/simplegit.git

Give it a shot! For now it’s only read-only, but who knows what will happen in the

Update: I’d just like to reiterate that even though we had some fun with the timing of this announcement that it ACTUALLY WORKS!

Update: Subversion support has been upgraded. Projects should be checked out from github.com rather than svn.github.com:

svn checkout https://github.com/schacon/kidgloves