Announcing SVN Support

Image of Scott Chacon

Ever wanted to use SVN to grab code from GitHub? Well, now you can, and just
like that GitHub is the world’s biggest Subversion host. Here’s a few things
you might like to do with it:

  • Use any GitHub repository as an SVN external.
  • Use TortoiseSVN or your favorite SVN tool to view Git repositories.
  • Use existing build tools or continuous integrations systems that only work
    with SVN.

How’s it work? Just checkout your project from

svn checkout

Give it a shot! For now it’s only read-only, but who knows what will happen in the

Update: I’d just like to reiterate that even though we had some fun with the timing of this announcement that it ACTUALLY WORKS!

Update: Subversion support has been upgraded. Projects should be checked out from rather than

svn checkout