Want to see your project on Rebase? Check out the howto! I also seem to be running short of interesting Git images as well. If you see any, and given they don’t contain Larry the Cable Guy, shoot me a message.

mootools-core is an object-oriented JavaScript framework that has tons of helpful utilities for working with the language’s various data types, AJAX, basic animations/effects , and more. It’s got a huge docs site, a custom builder to include just the parts of the framework you need, and best of all, an upcoming plugin repository called Forge that’s backed by GitHub. Adding a plugin is simple and encourages plenty of documentation: whip up a README, create a few standard folders and script headers, tag your release, and you’re all set. To get started, you may want to peruse the MooTorial or browse this list of solid plugins.

Notably New Projects

fix-me is a contest for $100 to fix a CSS layout that tends to produce scrollbars when they’re really not needed. Check out the site to see the problem in Firefox, Safari, or IE. If you’re brave and wise in the ways of the box model give it a shot!

mapdiff is a visualizer for changes to OpenStreetMap, a world-wide wiki map. The result is a neat video that shows the change over time for roads added, changed, and removed. If you’re up for some D hacking, give this project a look. There’s also some other resources about OpenStreetMap on refnum’s site, such as a comparsions of the open system against Google Maps.

mockfs is a simple mock filesystem for use in unit tests in Python, much like FakeFS in Ruby. It also works by replacing already known filesystem functions in the @os@ and @glob@ modules, and the project is even using GitHub Pages to publish some Sphinx docs of the project. Now you can TATFT with Python even faster since your FS calls don’t actually hit your FS.

jesus is a web interface to God. Religious references aside, this is a seriously useful library that uses Sinatra to serve up a site so you can see just what’s being monitored. The README covers getting this set up and installed on your server. If you haven’t seen what God can do for your important processes yet, be sure to check that out too.

go-repl is an interactive console for the highly-searchable Go language. But wait, isn’t Go a compiled language? This REPL compiles the source as you go on, making it an ideal sandbox for playing around with the language. It’s also a decent example of a usable library if you haven’t read any Go code before.