Once again it’s Rebase time. Let’s do this. (Want in for next time?)

mongo is a document-oriented database that’s bridging the gap between new NoSQL tools and your favorite relational databases. MongoDB is a collection-oriented, schema-free document DB written in C++ that can scale until your eyes bleed. Along with a slick query interface, MongoDB also offers automatic data replication and fail over if you need it. There’s plenty of drivers already available for you to use in your favorite language today. (MongoMapper is my favorite so far) The developer wiki is vast and has info regarding getting set up, using the DB, and all of the administration tasks you need to know. The best part though: you can fork the DB right here on GitHub!

Notably New Projects

nLess is a port of LessCSS to .NET 3.5. Less brings plenty of awesome helpers into CSS that every developer should love: mixins to promote reuse, variables for colors, and even some simple math operations. Check out how to integrate it with your ASP.NET app here.

pbrt-v2 is the second version of the Physically Based Rendering engine, which over the past few years has created some stunning imagery. If you’re up for some intense C++ graphics work, this is for you. For those inclined, there’s also a contest currently running to create an image that will go on the cover of the new book. They’re also looking for examples of depth of field, indirect lighting, caustics, subsurface scattering, all which are possible with pbrt. Check out project’s site for more info.

jaml is JavaScript templating engine inspired by HAML. There’s no indentation or compilation, just plenty of syntactic sugar over document.createElement. If you’ve ever had to deal with the various DOM methods to create elements on the fly, you’ll definitely want to look at this project. There’s a great tutorial here on the author’s blog, and the project’s GitHub Page has just what you need to get started.

defender is game is set on a fictional planet, where the player must defeat waves of invading aliens while protecting astronauts. I mean, this is a Ruby API wrapper for Defensio, which is a neat spam fighting API that you can hook up to your site. The great part about this specific project is that it’s already got a full set of YARD docs. Defeat the aliens spam and progress to the next level give your users one less thing to worry about.