Update: We’ve launched GitHub Jobs, go check it out!

Today we’re rolling out Phase 1 to our GitHub Jobs search engine. Under your Account Settings page, there’s a new tab called Job Profile.

There you’ll see a simple text area to paste in your resume (or whatever you’d like really), along with a checkbox to confirm you’re available for hire. This is an opt-in program, if you’re not looking for work there’s nothing to do.

We think the code you’ve put on GitHub is an extremely valuable tool in finding you a great place to work, so now is the time to dust off the code you’re afraid to push and get people excited about it. Also, make sure you’ve filled out your profile information: your name, location, blog/website, and email. All of that information is going to be help you find work.

Phase 2 of the GitHub Jobs rollout is to expose this information via a private search interface, but we need to know if you’re available for hire first. Please note that none of the data you enter will leave GitHub.

Step 1 to finding a new job is just a checkbox away!