Time to get your Rebase on! Send me a message about your project if you want to see it featured here, and please check out the Rebase howto as well. I’d love to see more than just web development stuff too. (but don’t stop that either!) Perhaps a collection of computer graphics related projects? AI? Music? You name it, just send me a message!

SubSonic is not your average ORM for .NET. This C# library is a veritable workhorse that follows convention over configuration and even allows developers to choose different data mapping paradigms, one such being Active Record. I wasn’t kidding about the workhorse bit: out of the box, it’s got support for LINQ, connecting to multiple DBs, and even a starter app to get you going. There’s an unbelievable amount of information on how to use it with your flavor of .NET on their wiki, and definitely check out how this shapes up compared to the other available ORMs. Besides, who else can beat screencasts set to Led Zeppelin and Rush?

Notably New Projects

ChicagoBoss claims to bring together the best of Rails and Django into the world of Erlang. Sounds neat, but how exactly does that work? Check out the MVC examples here and even some fledgling API docs for how this framework is shaping up. Another neat thing: Tokyo Tyrant/Cabinet support is built in, so you can key/value store to the list of buzzwords that Boss already has. Get forking!

Firepicker is a Firefox extension that adds a color picker into Firebug. Now, you won’t have to fumble around trying to find a specific application on your OS to do this when you’re playing with CSS in Firebug. Secondly, if you’re new to XUL and Firefox development in the first place, this is a great project to look at to get started. Check out some screenshots and how to install it here.

[Papervision3D](http://github.com/Papervision3D/Papervision3D‘s) readme may be short, but don’t let that deter you. It’s better if you just go look for yourself. Ok, so it’s a fully immersable 3D world written in ActionScript that’s open source. Whoever the first person to write a game for this environment is, please invite me to your private beach and/or yacht. There could be a ton of neat ways to implement this: perhaps a more 3D StreetView, planetarium, panoramas, the list goes on and on. Papervision’s dev blog has a lot of neat related links too.