I don’t typically get excited about phone stuff. I dread making or receiving phone calls like a small child dreads vegetables. But this is cool.

GitHub users @troy and @eric just launched Cloudvox.

img http://img.skitch.com/20091008-8xfbmkppr9gksx5f4drh47trck.png http://cloudvox.com

The fancy press release says, “Any Web developer can place, receive, and control phone calls from their own application or Web site, with no new infrastructure.” What that means is you can place a call by hitting a Cloudvox URL or receive a call by providing them with a URL they hit. Basically, you put your code in a Gist and their app will hit then execute it. Awesome!

All the code samples also use Gist, except for their sample app that speaks the current MarsRover Twitter status – that’s on GitHub.

This stuff isn’t free, but if you’re looking at ways to do phone stuff this looks like a pretty sweet deal. Thanks @troy and @eric!