Join us Thursday (10.8) at 8:30pm for the GitHub meetup at Zeke’s Diamond Bar, where the magic (that’s GitHub magic) all began. One of several exciting things could happen: You COULD meet and welcome the newest addition of the GitHub team, Kyle Neath (not to be confused with Kyle Kneath, his evil twin). You COULD find yourself face to face with the elusive genius that is Scott Chacon (never before spotted at a drinkup). Or you COULD have something else tremendously exciting happen to you. Im not going to speculate. You never know. Exciting things happen all the time. I left my all-seeing eye at home this morning.

As a footnote: This drinkup is the first since the implementation of our new backend architecture and the successful move to Rackspace- come and toast to our small army of new servers and the faster GitHub they provide!