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State of the Hub: Rackspace day 1

HI folks, just wanted to give you all a little feedback on the move again. Get everyone up to speed on the currently known issues. First and foremost, if you…


HI folks, just wanted to give you all a little feedback on the move again. Get everyone up to speed on the currently known issues.

First and foremost, if you are having any troubles, please don’t hesitate to open a ticket on Tender. If you have an outstanding ticket, please be patient, we’ve not forgotten you. We’re still working through the backlog of tickets to make sure everything gets fixed. I myself took care of roughly 60 tickets early this afternoon, and the inbox is still rising.

The guys spent the better part of the evening together going over the new architecture and making sure everyone is on the same page. I suspect that tomorrow will be devoted to bug fixes and ironing out all the wrinkles from the transition.

At any rate, on to the currently known issues.

  • Pushing repos that have submodules in subpaths fail to push. We have a fix for this thanks to a user on IRC, it should go out soon.
  • New user creation throws an error, creates the user in the database but not on disk. Please open a ticket with the username so we can fix this.
  • New repo creation may fail to create the repo on disk. Again, let us know the repo and we’ll force the creation.
  • Some repos are throwing “Repo under migration” errors. Let us know what repo so we can re-sync it.
  • Some repos did not sync after the initial dump, thus showing two week old commits. With these repos you can usually just re-push from your local repo. If you don’t have a repo to push from let us know and we’ll re-sync it for you.
  • Gist creation was failing, this should be resolved now.
  • User deletion fails to process now… but why would you ever want to delete your account?
  • Zip/tar downloads are failing to generate for a few repos. Please open a ticket and let us know what repo.
  • The Fork Queue may not work or throw errors. If you encounter this you can fetch the repo locally and cherry-pick or merge.
  • Emails are still not going out. We thought we had this fixed, but it seems to still be happening. If you need to reset an account’s password, please email supportnotextile>@</ from the account’s primary email so that we can verify ownership and send you a new password over email.
  • Connections to are not working. This impacts firewalled users primarily. We’re still working on this one.

Again, thank you everyone for your patience with the fallout from the move. If you have troubles please open tickets on Tender. If you have not yet received a reply to your ticket don’t fear, we will get to your issue as soon as we can.

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