On Sunday, September 27th at 5PM Pacific time (see it in your timezone) we will begin the final move to Rackspace. We are aiming to have less than an hour of website and push unavailability if everything goes according to plan. During this period, public and private clone, fetch, and pull operations will continue to function normally. Once the final data synchronization is complete and the new installation passes a final inspection, we will switch the DNS entries and you’ll be able to start using a new and improved GitHub!

The user impact from the switch should be minimal, but there are a few things to note:

  • On your first SSH operation to the new GitHub IP, your SSH client will issue a warning, but will not cause you any hassle or make you change any configuration:

  • After the move, GitHub Pages CNAME users will need to update their DNS entries that reference GitHub by IP. We will announce on this blog and via the notextile>@</notextilegithub twitter account when you should update your entries. The new IP address will be Only domains with A records (top-level domains like tekkub.net) need to make this change. Sub-domains should be using CNAME records, which will update automatically. Please contact support if you have any questions.

We appreciate your patience during this procedure and look forward to all the benefits that the new hardware and architecture will make possible!