Announcing GitHub:FI

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Logical Awesome’s latest product: GitHub:Firewall Install

What Is it?

GitHub:FI is a version of GitHub that can be installed within your own private network. This product is ideal for your company if you wish to enjoy the benefits of GitHub, but are unable to do so because of corporate restrictions or laws that prevent you from hosting your code with a third-party service.

How Does It Work?

We’ve partnered with BitRock, the packaging and deployment specialists, to create a comprehensive installer and to deliver seamless product updates. Together, we’ve managed to make the installation process as painless as possible: download the installer, answer a few questions, and your internal GitHub stack is running in about 10 minutes. It’s really that simple!

We currently only support Linux-based operating systems, but we may add additional support based upon demand.

How Did We Build It?

The FI stack is remarkably similar to the one in use at The primary difference is that the FI source code is compiled and run with JRuby inside of a Jetty container instead of our normal Ruby/Mongrel stack. Beyond that, FI looks and acts just like the site you’ve come to know and love. You’ll still benefit from the same robust, scalable architecture that powers, which means you never have to worry about how many users your FI install can handle (we handle nearly 100,000).

How Much Does It Cost?

GitHub:FI pricing is quoted individually per installation based on your company’s needs and support requirements. Please keep in mind that FI is priced competitively with other internal code management solutions and is well over the cost of our most-expensive hosted plan.

What About Support?

Update: April 12th, 2011
Since the time that this post was originally written, quite a few things have changed about the FI product, including our support offerings. For full, up to date information about FI in general and FI support, please email our sales team.

I Want to Get a Quote!

Head to for additional information, a screencast detailing the installation and features of GitHub:FI, and to request a quote for your company!

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