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GitHub Rebase #22

This week it's Rebase Book Edition! There's plenty of documentation projects going on at GitHub, and it's about time they got some attention. Clone yourself a copy, head outside with…


This week it’s Rebase Book Edition! There’s plenty of documentation projects going on at GitHub, and it’s about time they got some attention. Clone yourself a copy, head outside with your laptop, and enjoy a good programming book under the sun.

Vim Recipes is a work-in-progress cookbook for all things Vim. Learn how to use this awesome editor, extend and customize it to your will, and more. There’s a HTML and PDF version available for your consumption.

Sinatra Book aims to be a tutorial and recipes that teaches one to use Sinatra, the classy Ruby web framework. So far, it contains plenty of information about how to get started and some instructions on deployment. Pick up the book here.

Programming Pearls is a rewrite of the book from Bell Labs that’s in Ruby instead of C. This has some great examples of algorithms that are both efficient and elegant and is definitely worth a read.

Git Community Book is one of the best resources online to learn about Git. If you’re just making your first commits then this is a great way to quickly become a Git guru. Even if you’ve been deep within interactive rebases and octopus merges you’re bound to find something new by persuing this great site.

The Ruport Book goes into detail on how to use Ruport in nearly every manner concievable to make your life easier when generating reports. Check out the outline here.

The Book of Recess aims to help readers enjoy PHP development while using the Recess framework. The book explains the structure, architecture, and how to contribute back your own changes to the framework.

Journey to Ramaze covers everything a web developer needs to know to get up and running with Ramaze. If you’re not a fan of the current Ruby web frameworks, this may be worth a read.

Common Java Cookbook is a tome that contains instructions for using open source Java frameworks like Lucene and Velocity to get things done. It also covers basic algorithms and tasks that nearly every Java programmer will need to do at some point. Brush up here.

The Merb Open Source Book is the leading guide on one of the leanest web frameworks out there, Merb. It’s also been translated into quite a few languages. Read up here.

Huge thanks to runpaint for pointing out most of these awesome projects.

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