A lot of people were excited about the Issues release yesterday, but many asked for an API for it. Because we love you all and you’re so good to us, we released one for you.

However, in addition to that, we’re opening up the first release of our whole version 2 API, including Repository, User, Commit, Object and Network APIs, with more (including Gist) on the way soon. We’re still working on it, but if you’re brave of heart, please try it out and let us know if you find any issues.

What’s even better though is we actually created some documentation for it. If you go to developer.github.com, you’ll see a new set of pages that document all the current functionality of our new API.

If you have requests or find problems with anything, please enter an issue at the develop website projects issue tracker. Also, if you write anything that uses this new API, let us know so we can add your project to our documentation pages.