The Pinax Project, a premiere up and coming platform for rapidly developing Django sites, now lives on GitHub at


Cloud27 is an example of what can be done with Pinax.

The features overview is very impressive:

  • openid support
  • email verification
  • password management
  • site announcements
  • a notification framework
  • user-to-user messaging
  • friend invitation (both internal and external to the site)
  • a basic twitter clone
  • oembed support
  • gravatar support
  • interest groups (called tribes)
  • projects with basic task and issue management
  • threaded discussions
  • wikis with multiple markup support
  • blogging
  • bookmarks
  • tagging
  • contact import (from vCard, Google or Yahoo)
  • photo management

Having personally coded almost half of those features for GitHub (and other sites in the past), I’d say this is a huge potential time saver worth a look.