Guess who received a shipment of 2,000 GitHub stickers a few weeks ago! Me, baby, me. And these are high quality vinyl stickers, sure to last to the end of time itself.

I know a lot of you want stickers, so here’s what I’m going to do, just for you. For ONE WEEK ONLY I will mail stickers to anyone that asks. Just email me at like so:

  • Put [sticker] in the subject line so I can easily identify sticker requests.
  • Put your FULL ADDRESS in the body. I will send stickers anywhere in the world, so make sure to include your full country info if you’re outside the USA. I will literally write what you put in your email on the envelope, so don’t mess it up!
  • Tell me how many stickers you want. If you’re only going to use one, only ask for one. If you have a users group or something and want to pass some out, I can send a few more, but not more than 10.
  • If you’re running a conference and love GitHub so much that you want to give everyone a sticker, let me know and I can arrange to send you as many as you need.

You have until 11 March 2009 at 6pm PST to make your request, so don’t delay!

We’ll also be at RailsConf in Vegas May 4-7. Come to our GitHub panel and there will be lots of stickers available afterwards. Enjoy your Octocats!