The most rewarding part of running GitHub is seeing all the great code and ideas that people are showing off via the site. Earlier tonight I saw a tweet by @quirkey about his new GitHub Page that he’s CNAMEd to, and so I had to take a peek. I’ve posted a screenshot above. I really enjoy the clean simplicity of the page and how I can see his most popular projects at a glance. In fact, all his repos are programmatically pulled in via JavaScript and divided into sections based on the number of watchers. How awesome is that? Here’s how he uses our API to do it. Maybe he’ll add a license to his pages repo so we can all benefit!

The primary reason that we’ve given you the ability to create User Pages is to show off your code in whatever manner you like. This lets you get all MySpace crazy with your personal page while we keep GitHub itself consistent across the entire site. So take a bit of inspiration from Aaron and strut your stuff with User Pages. It’s all just a push away!