The unstoppable Dr Nic has just dropped another amazing piece of software in our laps. This time it’s ChocTop, and it’s hosted right here on GitHub. From the README:

Package up your OS X/Cocoa applications into Custom DMGs, generate Sparkle XML, and upload. Instead of hours, its only 30 seconds to release each new version of an application.

Build and deploy tools for Cocoa apps using Sparkle for distributions and upgrades; it’s like Hoe but for Cocoa apps.

The main feature is a powerful rake task “rake appcast” which builds a release of your application, creates a DMG package, generates a Sparkle XML file, and posts the package and XML file to your remote host via rsync.

If you’re a Cocoa developer and this sounds like a sweet solution to a problem you have, check out Dr Nic’s detailed post and screencast about ChocTop.