Angelo DiNardi has put the previous incarnation of CSH’s Drink machine’s touchscreen software on GitHub as csh-js-touchscreen.

The Drink machine is a soda dispenser with a touchscreen interface that can be used to purchase drinks over the Internet. PC Magazine wrote about the machine as one of their Ten Greatest Hacks of All Time (“The Internet Coke Machine (1991)”) and an FAQ from 1995 is available.

There’s also a YouTube video of a local news report about Drink. I’m pretty sure the guy with the laptop is Angelo, as you can see his GitHub username in the terminal. We have confirmation: Angelo is the guy talking at the end.

Angelo’s code ran on Opera 8 and relies on his JSCore library to power the touch interface. Cool stuff!

Update: Angelo informs us that the Drink source code is available (in Erlang) on GitHub, too: