We’re now appending the gist name at the end of its raw url. That means it’s dead-simple to serve greasemonkey (or greasekit) scripts directly from gist.github.com. I was able to write my first script and install it in less than five minutes:

If you have greasemonkey installed and click the “view raw” link in the embedded gist above, your browser will ask you if you want to install the script.

This of course comes with a strong word of caution that you pay attention to the scripts you’re installing. Your browser will not execute the javascript, we serve it as plain/text, so feel free to hit cancel when the install dialog appears in order read over it first.

Note: You won’t see the new raw url until your gist cache is updated, so you can either wait until it falls out of the cache, or just make a simple change to your gist to update it immediately.