Poor Windows support has always been a big roadblock to Git adoption. The truth of the matter these days is that Windows support through msysGit is actually quite good. Git-Gui works well on Windows and provides a very functional (if somewhat homely) interface to git on Windows and the command line version works well too.

The one issue with Git on Windows today is the lack of a TortoiseGit application. TortoiseSVN is one of the most familiar and ubiquitous applications for source control under Windows and we’d love to see a Git workalike, to help make our Windows friends feel more at home. However, none of us here at Logical Awesome use Windows (or really want to spend that much time in it), so we’d like to issue a challenge.

If any of you are, or know, people who use Windows and are good at Python, we would like you to produce a TortoiseGit that can be installed with msysGit that would make a TortoiseSVN user feel more or less at home. I say Python because there is a GPL TortoiseHg application that should not be too difficult to port to use msysGit – Mercurial and Git are almost identical in their basic command sets and that is all we’re looking for in TortoiseGit.

In return, we will furnish whomever (individual or business) takes up this challenge and gives the community an installable executable with a free Large account for life. Any takers?

Email “scott@logicalawesome.com”:mailto:scott@logicalawesome.com if you’re interested.