As we all know, Git is the best SCM system out there. However, some people have decided that we in the GitHub community may be misled by hype or the beckoning call of the sweet, sweet taste of the kool-aid. In response to those people, I have put together a short apologia,

a succinct explanation of why so many have rationally chosen Git over all the other SCM choices out there. It outlines what I feel are the most important and compelling reasons most people switch to Git. If you find yourself in a flame war with someone from another SCM camp and they accuse you of simple fanboy-ism, feel free to slap this url on them:

I will continue to work on this (in particular, I want to put up a short screencast demonstrating the power of local branching that will blow peoples minds that have never realized what that really means…), but if anyone has anything to add, I encourage you to fork and improve, and I’ll pull it on in. The source for the site is here:

Let me know what you think!