At the beginning of this month, I gave a talk at RubyConf in Florida about using Git in Ruby applications. It basically goes over some of the strengths of using Git as a filesystem and proposes some example applications you could write using Git as your data backend instead of a normal filesystem or simple database.

It assumes a little bit of Git knowledge, but the idea was to show a slightly different way of thinking about Git itself. The major downside here is that Confreaks seems to have synced the slides about 7 seconds ahead of the video, which means you get a nice preview of what’s to come. However, at the times I flip through slides quickly, the sync problem makes it a bit difficult to follow. Oh well. Let me know if you find it useful. If you want it higher res, Confreaks has the video up here.

(btw, since I’ve gotten this a few times now – the ‘tree’ command is a pretty common Linux command that prints out a directory structure nicely)