I’ve done some serious work towards generating more accurate statistics this week. If you’re interested in how the graphs are made, check out my rebase project. I’m going to be consistently pulling stats from Sunday 00:00 UTC to Saturday 23:59 UTC for now on (instead of doing it ad-hoc).

Stats Breakdown

Notable Projects

  • couchdbx This is a native OSX client for CouchDB that helps with starting/stopping the service and pulling the admin interface up for it (called Futon. awesome name). This is a fork of the project that lives mainly on Google Code. If you’re using CouchDB on OSX, definitely check this out.

  • xna-games Finding example code for XNA game development in C# was always a bit of a pain, but lo and behold, plenty exists here. (and even more here!). This repository hosts a few separate games along with a few toolkit projects to help out. A decent starting point for those who want to play around with XNA on GitHub.

  • filezoo Visualizing filesystems has always been a tough task, but filezoo seeks to make it fun, fast, and easy to use. It uses Mono, Cairo, and Gtk# and looks pretty neat. Also, the author is keeping track of his work and even posting sketches of his thought process on his blog. Open source development at its best: open, free, and damn cool.

Hardcore Forkers

  • jflam John Lam is the leader of the IronRuby project over at Microsoft, which is the .NET implementation of Ruby. He’s very active on GitHub, and he actually had the most forks out of any user this week! He’s also a contributor to the rubyspec project, which is the way of determining the behavior for the Ruby language and is used across other VM projects as well.

  • drf Dario Freddi has been up to a ridiculous amount of commits this week. (nearly 700!) He’s the brains behind the PowerDevil application on KDE, which finely tunes your laptop’s power usage to squeak out a few more minutes when you’re far away from a power outlet. This week he’s been hard at work on a few tools for package distribution on Arch Linux.

  • umonkey Justin Forest‘s project molinos-cms has been featured on the column before for its huge amount of commits, and this time I had to figure out what all of the activity was about. It’s a PHP based CMS that seems to be based in Russian, and plenty of work is being done on it. Check out their translated blog for screenshots, features, and more information about what he’s been up to. Hopefully they’ll get some fluent English contributors soon as well.