The whole GitHub crew just got back from RubyConf 2008 this weekend, which went from Thursday through Saturday.

I gave a talk on “Using Git in your Ruby Applications”, which was a bit of a primer on how Git stores stuff and then some non-scm ways you can use the Git plumbing to do other fun or cool things.

The slides for the talk are here, if you’re interested, and Confreaks should be putting the talk itself online soon. (We GitHubbers seem to have a lot of presentation videos that aren’t online yet)

I would like to add that I had a great time there and thanks to everyone who was complimentary of my talk and thanks also to everyone who bought me a beer at some point (and that was a lot of you…) I would further like to apologize for anything myself or my fellow GitHubbers may have done at the conference while inebriated that may have injured or offended anyone that we are unable to currently recall in any way.

Till next conference!