This week I’ve changed the graphs around quite a bit! The activity on the site just continues to increase, and surprisingly it didn’t take a hit because of RubyConf.

Stats Breakdown

Notably New Projects

  • Settingslogic: Globally accessible settings in an ERB-enabled YML file. Where can I get some? Check out some more examples in binarylogic’s blog post about the plugin.

  • scanty: A Sinatra-driven blog from adamwiggins. I haven’t had the chance to look at any Sinatra apps, but this will definitely be my starting point. See it live on his blog.

  • hoshi: A new, clean way of defining HTML/XML views in pure Ruby. Definitely would be nice for apps that need a template system or HTML output quickly and easily. Tons of examples here.

Workaholic Repos

As always, suggestions for improvements (and projects to cover!) are welcome. I’d love to break down the huge spikes in the activity or perhaps add an entirely new graph. I would also like to see some projects using other languages than Ruby next week.