Are you a Prototype coder? If so, you might want your code pimped by the guys behind the framework.

The idea:

I’m an avid reader of the blog of Wil Shipley, a man in the business of writing great apps for OS X. His running code improvment series, Pimp My Code, takes submissions from readers who think their code needs refactoring. Then Shipley refactors them, explaining the whys and hows along the way. The submissions are small (never more than 75-100 lines), but in rewriting them Shipley always happens upon specific, useful programming tips. I don’t know the first thing about Objective-C, but I find the series fascinating and instructive.

So we’re going to do something similar on this blog. Do you have a piece of JavaScript you want refactored? Does it use Prototype?

Check out the article for more information.