As the launch draws near I thought I’d share some awesome things people have been saying about the GH.

What’s amazing about Github is how it really brings the social aspect into play. Chris and Tom are showing us all visually how git development is supposed to work. I know I personally had some bing moments once I started pulling in commits from external git repos.

You’ve probably heard this at least twelve times in the last week, but github is totally badass. I’ve never had a reason to put my code up on a hosting service like that before, but now I do.

If you don’t know about git and github yet, it’s time you clean up your RSS feeds and find some good source of information.

Chris and Tom are totally onto something with GitHub. It’s the perfect glue for the existing social network of open source developers.

[GitHub] marks a turning point for me in my opensource contribution. The barrier to entry for pushing patches is so low that I expect to see myself cloning a bunch more repos and making my teeny tiny fixes.

All in all, it’s a great service – the way SourceForge should have been.

A quick stroll through Twitter confirms it: you will thank yourself for signing up at GitHub.